Love Around Reading (and planning awesome family nights) – Northwest Arctic Borough School District

February 29, 2024 · Jennifer McFerran

In February, the Ambler School hosted a Love Around Reading family night aimed at showcasing the joy of reading and diverse methods to enhance reading skills. The school staff collaborated to plan the event using a provided template and actively involved stakeholders from the outset.

Decorations, crucial for family nights, were enthusiastically prepared with student involvement, including an impressive backdrop and photo frame designed and painted by 8th grader Zaylee Williams, who embodies a passion for reading and art. Principal Sarah Hutchison expressed gratitude to Zaylee for sharing her creativity, highlighting the significance of every stakeholder’s contribution to education.

Ambler School’s family nights feature varying themes with academic focuses, maintaining a consistent structure. Families engage in welcome activities, receive bingo cards, take family photos, and then proceed to rotation stations, each hosting a 20-minute activity led by teachers in different classrooms. February’s stations included activities like Love at First Sight (sight word exercises), The Love of Sound (fluency building), Love Spell (spelling tasks), and Roll (dice) and Read (linguistic games), catering to diverse learning needs.

Principal Hutchison and team emphasized the essential role of staff in organizing these enriching events, fostering stronger connections between school and families, ultimately promoting an atmosphere of warmth and engagement. The success of such initiatives relies on community support and dedicated school staff.

Here’s the planning template Ambler School used and here’s a blank template for your schools to try out. Ambler School used for their event.