Why do school-family partnerships matter?

When school staff and families work together as partners, students:
  • • Perform better academically
  • • Attend school more regularly
  • • Are more likely to graduate

"After getting a better understanding of what family engagement and partnerships look like, I thought ‘Duh! How did I not see that partners with families was actually and equity issue and would result in better outcomes for my students."

Alaska Principal

Stronger Together

The power of school and family partnership in Alaska outlines why family engagement matters and how schools and families can work together.
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Did you know?

Family involvement is a more accurate predictor of student achievement than family socioeconomic status.

"I always had clear roles for families, but I realize now that I did not actually think of them as a true partner… I realize now there are ways we can both decide how to work together to support each student."

Alaska Teacher